Garage Door Maintenance Tips That Can Save Homeowners A Lot Of Trouble

You don't want to be dealing with intricate garage door problems if you can help it. They can be aggravating to deal with and are the reason why a lot of homeowners are starting to become more focused on garage door maintenance. If you want to be too, then don't hesitate to do these things. Clean The Surface Consistently Cleaning the garage door isn't something a lot of homeowners think about. Read More 

Installing a Garage Door to Maintains the Classic Look of Your Home

Modern garage doors have become very dull, and often all look very similar, but if you have an older home and you want to retain the classic look of the old wooden door that was on the garage, there are still options to do that. Working with a garage door company to source and install your door is your best option if you want to retain that classic style with a new garage door. Read More 

Get Ready: How To Prepare For The Installation Of Your New Garage Door

Garage doors aren't meant to last forever. Unfortunately, that means eventually you'll need to have yours replaced. If the time has come for you to have a new garage door installed on your home, make sure you're ready for the big day. It's not enough to simply move the cars out of the garage. Having a new garage door installed on your home is a major project; one that requires some advanced planning. Read More 

Four Ways A Full-View Overhead Door Can Enhance Your Restaurant

A door is about more than functionality. A door is also about adding aesthetics and architectural compliments to a building. A full-view overhead door is a unique commercial option that can enhance your restaurant in each of these areas. Learn more about how the addition of one of these doors can benefit your business. Double-Duty A full-view overhead door can serve double duty. On the one hand, the door looks like a large window, but the fact that it is actually an overhead door means that it can be opened and closed. Read More 

Creaks, Groans, And Rattles: Noises In Your Garage Door

A well-maintained and properly functioning overhead garage door is a thing of beauty. You pull up to your garage and the door glides open smoothly and without complaint. That's the theory, anyway. If you've dealt with garage doors for any length of time you know that things don't always work perfectly. As garage doors age they can become noisy and that smooth gliding action turns into something more like a lumbering, uneven shamble. Read More