Broken Garage Door Springs: Questions You May Have

The tension springs for your garage door serve a couple of essential functions. Not only do they hold the weight of the door, but they also hold the door while it is being opened and closed to make sure that it moves smoothly and evenly.

When one of the springs breaks, it can make it difficult for you to work the garage door and could create a safety issue. Below are answers to a couple of questions you may have about broken garage door springs and how you should deal with them.

How Can You Tell If One Of Your Garage Door Springs Is Broken?

The first question you may have is how you can tell if one of the tension springs for your garage door is broken. Besides suddenly being difficult to open and close, you may notice that one side of the door sags as it moves through the tracks. When the door is open halfway, you will usually be able to see that it hangs unevenly by looking at its bottom.

If you are present when the spring breaks, you may also hear a loud noise when it snaps. After the initial snap, you may hear screeching or grinding as the spring struggles to move as the door opens or closes. 

Can You Fix The Broken Spring By Replacing It Yourself?

The second question you may have about a broken garage door spring is whether you can fix it yourself. If one of the springs is broken, it will need to be replaced, and you may wonder whether this is a do-it-yourself task.

However, because the springs are under an extreme amount of tension, you should not try to replace a broken one yourself. Instead, have a professional who has the right tools and experience do it. Not only can it snap back and cause more damage, but it can also cause serious injuries if the spring were to bounce back and hit you.

When your garage door starts hanging down on one side and struggles to open and close, there is a good chance that one of the springs is broken. While it may seem like an easy fix to replace the spring, the extreme amount of tension makes it difficult and dangerous to work with if you do not have the proper tools and experience. Contact a company that offers garage door spring repair services to learn more.