Do Your Garage Door Springs Need Repair?

Garage door assemblies require a complex structure of springs, rollers, and chains to keep the door functioning. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not adequately informed of the most common signs of problems with the individual components that make up their garage door assemblies. Garage door springs, in particular, are an important part of the assembly because of the tension that those springs are under. Here are a few key indications that your garage door springs need attention.

Visible damage

If you look at your garage door springs, there should be no visible indications of damage. Make sure that the springs are free of corrosion, flaking, cracking, and deformities. Your springs should be consistent and evenly spaced between the coils as well. Any visible damage indicates a need for garage door spring repair.


When your garage door springs make a noise any time the door operates, that's another cause for concern. Whether the springs are squeaking, creaking, popping, or making any other unusual noises, you need to reach out to a garage door spring repair technician. They can find the problem with the springs, including necessary lubrication, cleaning, and any other care.

Uneven movement

Garage door operation should be even, smooth, and consistent. When you notice your garage door moving unevenly, inconsistently, or sluggishly, it may be a result of the springs malfunctioning. When a spring binds up and doesn't want to move the way that it should, it interferes with the way that your garage door operates. You can usually tell which side is the problem based on the way that the door rests. Your garage door spring repair technician can help you address the problem.


The springs are a crucial part of what keeps your garage door from falling closed and potentially causing damage or injury. If your garage door starts dropping rapidly, your springs may not be supporting the weight of the door the way that they should be. That typically means replacing those springs to keep the door functioning the way that it should.

The more you understand about your garage door springs, the easier it is to identify potential problems. The sooner you address those problems, the safer your garage door will be. Talk with a local garage door repair technician as soon as possible when you have any indications that the springs are not working the way that they should. Avoid trying to replace those springs without a professional because the tension that holds the springs can cause serious injuries.

For more information on garage door spring repair, contact a professional near you.