Four Ways A Full-View Overhead Door Can Enhance Your Restaurant

A door is about more than functionality. A door is also about adding aesthetics and architectural compliments to a building. A full-view overhead door is a unique commercial option that can enhance your restaurant in each of these areas. Learn more about how the addition of one of these doors can benefit your business. Double-Duty A full-view overhead door can serve double duty. On the one hand, the door looks like a large window, but the fact that it is actually an overhead door means that it can be opened and closed. Read More 

Creaks, Groans, And Rattles: Noises In Your Garage Door

A well-maintained and properly functioning overhead garage door is a thing of beauty. You pull up to your garage and the door glides open smoothly and without complaint. That's the theory, anyway. If you've dealt with garage doors for any length of time you know that things don't always work perfectly. As garage doors age they can become noisy and that smooth gliding action turns into something more like a lumbering, uneven shamble. Read More 

How To Retrofit Your Building For A Sheet Metal Hangar Door

Pretty much any type of building can be retrofitted with a hydraulic hangar door. New systems can be installed without having to impose any dead weight onto your building. That is, your building doesn't need to be strong enough to hold the door weight. A frame around the doors is planted in the ground and seamlessly secured to your existing sidewalls. You could install a modern hydraulic hangar on an old brick warehouse, a corrugated steel structure, or a building with wooden framing. Read More 

How To Repair Your Garage

What happens if you hit your garage with your car, and you need to fix it? First, you need to assess damage and figure out how severe it is. This article will help you figure out what the best solution is for repairing damaged overhead garage doors. Are Just the Panels Damaged? In many cases, slight impacts with your garage door will just bend the individual panels. If just one or two of your panels are damaged, there is a small chance that you will be able to replace them very easily, without making any other serious changes to your sister. Read More