The Top 3 Benefits Of Choosing A Wood Residential Garage Door

When shopping for a residential garage door, you will find that you have many different building materials to choose from. You can choose a garage door that is constructed from steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. While each of these options has pros and cons which should be considered, many homeowners ultimately find that the option of a wood garage door is the most beneficial. In this article, you can learn more about a few of the many impressive benefits that wood garage doors have to offer so that you can decide if this is the right type of garage door for your home.

Benefit #1: Well Insulated

Insulation plays an important role in keeping outdoor temperatures out of your garage. This is especially important if you have an attached garage since extreme temperatures inside your garage can make their way into your home. While you can choose to add extra insulation to many types of residential garage doors, this added insulation will often come at an added cost as well. Thankfully, there is no need to add extra insulation when choosing a wood garage door. This is because wood offers a natural insulation that is more effective at keeping out extreme temperatures than many forms of man-made insulation. 

Benefit #2: Appearance Easily Changed

It is quite common for people to change the color or decor on the outside of their home over the years. Unfortunately, for some people, these changes will mean that their garage door no longer matches the new look of their home. If you have chosen to purchase a steel or fiberglass garage door, you will likely need to purchase a whole new door in order to ensure your door matches your new home exterior. This is not the case with a wood garage door since all it takes to change the appearance of these doors is a fresh coat of wood stain or paint. Best of all, you can change the appearance of your wood garage door as often as you like without compromising the strength of the door. 

Benefit #3: Long Life Expectancy

The last thing you want to do is to cover the cost of replacing your residential garage door more often than you absolutely have to. This means choosing a garage door that has the ability to stand up to the test of time. When it comes to this type of durability, there really is no better option than a wood garage door. This is because, with proper care, a wood garage door can easily last for as long as you own your home.