When Should You Plan To Install A New Garage Door? 4 Signs You Should Not Ignore

No one wants to spend a lot of money on a new home improvement project when they can seek repair services and extend the structure's life. However, some structures in your home, such as the garage door, will reach the end of their useful life and the only option on the table will be to install a replacement. Your garage door could be the subject of the matter. If you wonder whether to repair or replace your garage door, here are four instances when you should choose door replacement.

1. When the Door Is Too Old

Your current garage door has an expected life span, as stated by the manufacturer. Over time, as the door gets old, you might notice that it has lost its efficiency and luster. It probably doesn't look as good as it did after years of use.

You will know the door is old if you keep paying for repairs and component replacements. Get a new garage door to improve your home's look and avoid frequent breakdowns.

2. When There's Severe Door Damage

Your technician can easily fix minor damages such as replacing springs or realigning tracks. You can also repaint or patch up dents and holes to mask minor damages. However, if you accidentally ram your vehicle on the garage door such that it falls off entirely, it could be damaged beyond repair.

If the technician assesses the extent of the damage and finds it more expensive to fix than replace, it's advisable to choose the latter. A new door can help you save money and ensure safety during operation.

3. When Your Safety Is Compromised

Are your door's functions failing one after the other? This could compromise your home's security and expose your property to theft and vandalism. If your garage door doesn't have modern safety features such as the automatic reversal system or motion sensor, perhaps it is time to upgrade it. The structure's material could also be light and weak. Therefore, you need to upgrade to new hardware with smart features and protect your loved ones.

4. When You Need a New Look and Design

Home improvements generally enhance your home's curb appeal and value. If you renovate your house and ignore the garage door, your improvement project could feel incomplete. While other less expensive methods such as painting the door may be an option, you could consider upgrading to newer versions that instantly give your house a face-lift.

If you resonate with any of these reasons, you are ready for a new garage door installation. Schedule an appointment with a garage door technician to start reviewing options in the market and get a project quote.