5 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

Although a garage door can last for years, eventually may become a good idea to consider replacing it. Know the benefits of replacement so you can make an informed decision.

1. Better Insulation

Old garage doors often have no additional insulation. Old wood doors may continue to provide some insulation due to the thickness of the wood, but aluminum, steel, and vinyl doors are typically poorly insulated, if they are insulated at all. Insulation technology has improved greatly over the last few years, which means there are modern garage door insulation options that are lightweight and have the thin profile needed for everyday use on garage doors.

2. Less Maintenance

Some garage door materials are high maintenance. For example, wood doors must be repainted or sealed every couple of years or they will rot. Older doors of any material may also start requiring more maintenance as they age due to wear and stress. Upgrading to a new door, particularly one designed to be low maintenance like vinyl and metal doors, can save you time and money going forward.

3. Lighter Weight

A heavy garage door requires a stronger automatic opener, or simply more strength if the door is manual. Heavy doors can be dangerous if they slam shut, and the increased weight can put undue stress on opening systems. Switching from heavy wood to modern vinyl or metal doors, which are designed to be lightweight, is a good idea -- especially if the old door is reaching the end of its useful operating life.

4. Improved Safety

If your door is more than a couple of decades old, it may not be up to modern safety standards. Newer doors have sensors that prevent them from closing if someone is under the door, for example. They are also made to close slowly, without falling, so that nothing is trapped beneath. The springs on the opening mechanisms are now designed so they don't fly off the attachments if they break, which lowers the risk of injury and damage inside the garage.

5. Added Utility

For those that use their garage for more than just parking the car, a new door with more utility options can be a good reason to replace it. For example, switch the old swing style door, which eats up driveway space for opening and closing, for a roll up door with a slim profile. Or perhaps you need functional windows in the door to allow for ventilation when working in your garage shop. 

Contact a garage door replacement service, such as Shank Door, to learn more about the available options.